Treatments for Psoriasis on your hands

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes scaly patches on the skin. This condition also causes pain and intense itching, which can be unbearable to some patients. This is the reason why treatments for psoriasis should be sought and applied immediately to the patient.


Treating Psoriasis on your hands

Even though psoriasis has no definite cure, its symptoms can be alleviated with the help of various treatments. Natural psoriasis treatment is commonly used in treating this condition because patients often suffer from this condition for a lifetime. Hence, natural medications are sought to help preserve the health of the patient by staying away from medications that contain artificial substances.

Psoriasis natural treatment is not hard to find and is also not hard to make. This is also one of the reasons why these remedies are recommended by many patients. They also offer quite a relief, which makes them more preferred by many patients.

Here are some of treatments for psoriasis that can be made at home:

  • Humidifier

Humidifier is a great psoriasis home treatment that can ease the excessive itching and dryness of the skin. Because humidifiers help keep the air moist, individuals with psoriasis can keep their skin moist by having a humidifier in their home or office.

Patients should make sure, though, that they are in a closed area or room when using humidifiers to keep the moisture inside the room. Opening windows and doors will let the moisture go out, which will not help the skin.

  • Diet

Although a person’s diet is not considered as a real psoriasis natural treatment, it can also help alleviate the symptoms in a natural way. Getting rid of red meat and fatty foods will help alleviate the intense itching of the skin.

  • Oils

Mineral oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and other kinds of oils that can also be found in the kitchen can help alleviate the excessive drying of the skin caused by psoriasis. This natural psoriasis treatment is great in making the skin moisturized, making the scaly patches soft, which can help with the removal of the scales without causing wounds and bleeding.

  • Soak in the Tub

Another great psoriasis home treatment is a simple soak in the tub. Warm water with oils and salt and milk can help get rid of the dryness, the scale patches and can stop the itching. Moisturizing after soaking in the tub will also help keep the skin moisturized.

When taking a soak in the tub, though, patients should be wary of the types of soaps that they are going to use. Some type of soaps can trigger an onset of psoriasis so hypo-allergenic soaps are often advised to people with psoriasis.

  • Sun

Another simple and effective psoriasis natural treatment is just staying under the sun for a few minutes each day. The ultraviolet light from the sun can help treat psoriasis, making it the cheapest and simplest form of psoriasis home treatment.

Starting off with a few minutes for three days a week is recommended so that the skin won’t get shocked with sudden exposure to the sun. Increasing the number of days per week as the treatment progresses is also recommended.

  • Aloe Vera

Another great natural psoriasis treatment is aloe vera. The gel of aloe vera can help moisturize the skin and prevent infections due to its antibacterial properties. Slathering aloe vera gel on affected areas and covering it with a clean cloth for 45 minutes can help alleviate the inflammation, scaling and itch. It can also make the removal of the scales much easier and less painful.

Medicine Cabinet

Not all treatments for psoriasis can be only found in the kitchen. The medicine cabinet is also a great place to look for psoriasis natural treatment. The medications and solutions in your medicine cabinet can also be used as natural remedies. Creams and solutions with salicylic acid can be used to alleviate the intense itching and scaling of the skin. Shampoos and conditioners that have tar will also greatly help in alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis.

Systemic and synthetic medications are not the only solution for psoriasis. Home remedies are also found to be very effective in controlling this condition so patients need to try them to improve their condition. Psoriasis free for life is the best example of this. Click Here to read more about this natural psoriasis treatment.